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Emily's Universe: an oddball’s journey into the unknown is the brainchild of Emily Levine.

abigail sims

Managing Director

Abby spent many years working in the movement to end sexual and relationship violence. Now, for some reason, she feels qualified to do this. In the spirit of scientific inquiry, let’s see what happens. 

Abby publishes a blog on this site, and is working to release her mother’s movie, “Emily @ The Edge of Chaos.” You can help by donating.

photo by Selma Al-Faqih

photo by Selma Al-Faqih

tricia mcgillis

Creative Director

Although she ended up as a graphic designer, Tricia originally intended to be a physicist. She fell hard for Emily when they met at TED many years ago, and couldn’t believe her luck when Emily agreed to let her build Emily’s first website. 

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