“Witty, whimsical, deeply thoughtful and, most of all, completely hilarious.”
– Lily Tomlin

illustration by AllPopArt

photo by Pam Barkentin Ehrenburg

photo by Pam Barkentin Ehrenburg

Emily graduated cum laude from Harvard, intent on pursuing a career as an Oracle. Unable to find a good Oracle agent, she settled for a career as a stand-up comedian, headlining in comedy clubs and making television appearances on shows such as David Letterman’s Late Night. The LA Times called her “a stand-out as a stand-up.” Newsweek called her “one of the new queens of comedy.” Her mother called her every week. Later, as a television writer and producer, Emily worked on shows such as Designing Women, Love and War and Dangerous Minds. She created and produced pilots for new situation comedies for CBS, NBC, ABC and HBO.

Emily and her daughter, Abby Sims

Emily and her daughter, Abby Sims

In the 90’s, Emily’s career began to suffer as an undiagnosed tumor in her pituitary gland began to wreak havoc. Lacking an explanation for the weird array of symptoms, including brain fog, osteoarthritis, and a curious lack of interest in consumer-driven activity, she could only believe she was going crazy. The relief that accompanied the eventual diagnosis in 2007 – the fact that there was an actual real reason for her decline – led Emily to fall in love with fact-based reality, aka science. Her movie, “Emily @ the Edge of Chaos,” details this journey, using humor, animations, and guest stars to inspire the country with that same love of fact-based reality.

Emily was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2018 and started a blog, “The Yoy of Dying,” that takes it all on. Emily died on February 3, 2019, but Emily’s daughter Abby continues working to release “Emily @ the Edge of Chaos.”

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Audio and Video

Emily's TED talks have over 1.5 million views and she was recently voted one of the all-time top TED speakers. Emily presents at conferences such as EG, TEDx, INKtalks, and World Science Festival.


Emily's Writing

The Yoy of Dying is Emily Levine’s blog about living and dying at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

Emily was a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Rants from the Past features Emily's earlier blog posts, where she shared observations, jokes, political commentary, stories about her dog, and anything that enlightens or enchants.


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