Thanks to a rare brain tumor, comedian Emily Levine suddenly understands quantum physics and chaos theory and sets out to save humanity.  Trenchant and hilarious commentary on politics, economics, the media, and contemporary culture combined with an honest and sometimes painful personal story result in laughter, tears and those aha moments that forever change the way you see the world.

“Emily @ the Edge of Chaos” boasts a visual style as unique as its content. Interweaving Emily’s performance, filmed live, with 2D animations, special effects, and pop-up appearances by distinguished scientists, the film takes us on a mind-bending, inspiring and hilarious journey from the America we thought we were to the America we could be.


  • John Lithgow as Sir Isaac Newton

  • Leonard Nimoy as Sigmund Freud

  • Richard Lewis as Aristotle

  • Matt Groening as Benjamin Franklin

  • Lily Tomlin as Ayn Rand

  • Winnie Holzman as a Photon

  • Paul Dooley as a Muon

  • Jenny O'Hara as a Lepton

  • Victor Bumbalo as Dr. Sack

  • Bruce Vilanch as God

  • Rick Overton as David Ruelle and Bartleby

  • Mike Farrell as Edward Lorenz

  • Richard Blackburn as Werner Heisenberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger

brought to you by

  • Bob Balaban Executive Producer

  • Wendy Apple Producer, Director

  • Lynda Weinman Executive Producer

  • Bruce Heavin Executive Producer

  • Thea Kerman Executive Producer

  • Emily Levine Executive Producer, Writer, Star

"Emily @ the Edge of Chaos" is based on Emily's stage show, directed by Marcia Jean Kurtz and produced by the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York, in association with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


“I have never spent a more entertaining, intellectually arresting and emotionally fulfilling hour in the theater.” – Norman Lear


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