Emily Update - 7.4.16

Hello all!


I just wanted to provide a little update on how Emmy’s doing.  Emily had her second chemotherapy treatment on Monday June 27th. The treatment plan is one chemo treatment every three weeks for a course of 6.  


The recovery from the second treatment is going MUCH better than the first, partially because she is getting over the cold she had, partially because we had a better idea of the process, and partially because the doctor (and I) finally convinced her to take her anti-nausea medication this time.  And this is after she asked the doctor if he dyed his eyebrows because they look great.  (This was the doctor who was covering for her regular doctor who was on vacation.) He blushed, we all laughed, I suggested this was sexual harassment.  We didn’t see him after he put in her orders. I assume he was with HR.


We also had our food/nutrition plan better refined and Emily’s sister Deb made this Magic Mineral Broth. (Thank you Julie and Jordie for the cookbook!) The broth is totally amazing and I made a Miso-ginger soup with udon noodles that was a big hit. 


I am here with my dog and she and Toby are getting along very well.  No fighting or growling even over bones and food. The one point of contention is that my dog Olive wants more from Toby that he is able to give right now. (I think she wants more than he is able to give ever.) . She keeps trying to play with Toby, but he kind of ignores her. Then she just stands in front of him and cries.  I told her that she should be playing hard to get, but she says that is old fashioned, sexist bullshit.


That’s all from Farmer Small!



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