Why You Should Read This Blog

Because it’s not just me who’s living and dying at the same time; it’s all of us, from the moment we’re born, or conceived, to the moment we die. Cells have built in sell-by dates; entire organs degenerate and are regenerated in predictable cycles.  The body is a microcosm of the larger, cosmic process of life and death.  How do we move along that spectrum, how do we deal with the changes, how do we stay in touch with Actual Reality? Granted, I’m an oddball, but still, maybe my experience will have meaning for you.

And it’s not just us -  you and me – who are living and dying at the same time.  Belief systems, eco-systems, empires, planets– even the universe – are living and dying at the same time.  In a time when people are in denial about one or the other, whether it’s Trump supporters with their alternative fact reality - “There’s no such thing as man-made climate change!”; the financial industry with its Derivative Reality, - financial instruments untethered to any material reality;  or that segment of the AI community who thinks they can direct our evolution from carbon based reality to silicone based reality – I want to advocate for Actual Reality.  Really, I can’t tell you how great it feels to be grounded in that.

Oh, wait.  I can.  And I will.  And that’s why you should read this blog.

That and the fact that there’ll be some good jokes.

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