Executive Brain Function

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a new blog since TED, but, well, life.  Or actually, death, since much of that time went to getting my financial affairs in order.  Or is that life?  

If it’s life, it’s the part of it that makes me okay with death.  As you know - or will know, if you watch my TED talk which went on line today (at go.ted.com./emilylevine, altho I’m not sure about the period after “com”) I hate the executive brain function and everything it insists that I do, including accounting and checking to see if there’s a period after “com.”

In fact, I read somewhere that as the human body became more complex, it developed the executive brain function as a sort of administrative assistant.  Somewhere along the way, I surmised, the “assistant” swapped out for the “executive.” Now I picture the executive brain function as Eve Harrington in “All About Eve,” seemingly the sweet understudy, all the while scheming to become the star.  That’s my take on reality, although not quite the take I promised.

But, hey, it’s short!  You have to be happy about that.  And I promise, as soon as the accounting is done, more thoughtful posts will follow.